Honoring Veterans at COHS

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“Colony High Commemmorates Vets” turned out to be a great day for our juniors as well as for our veterans. I didn’t see any mention of this event in the newspaper, so I wanted to post a few photos for those who didn’t get to come. (I asked the vets permission to put their photos on the Internet, including Facebook.)

Mr. Miller, Mr. Isett, and the library’s own Mrs. Thornhill did a fantastic  job of planning and  organizing the event. The library’s own Mrs. Wilken was also an invaluable behind-the-scenes helper. Of course, many on the COHS staff contributed and deserve thanks!

COHS juniors had the opportuntity to interview veterans about their service experiences in every war back to World War II. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to chat with a few vets.  The female veteran sitting with Mrs. Ponce and Mrs.  Tucker is Ms. Ruth Larson, and she served in WW II in Italy. She joined the service because she wanted to be with her brother. He was also in Italy, but they never were in the same place.

The vet with the vest is “No-Chute” Bill. He earned that nickname in Vietnam when he jumped from aircarft without a chute. He has been very active in the honor guard for military funerals. (Students may have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church and the crazy things they do at military funerals. An honor guard can block them from view so that family and friends can memorialize their military dead without harrassment.) The metal tags are a few of the tokens honoring those that “No Chute” has ridden honor guard for.

The man with Mrs. Wilken is Mr. Larry Larson, formerly an administrator in the CJUHDS, a Vietnam vet, and a friend to many of the CJUHSD staff.

The dance team, under the direction of Ms. Whisler did an energizing patriotic dance. I also tried to get a photo of Mr. Isett as he welcomed folks, but I was pretty far away, so it’s a bit grainy.

How lucky COHS students are to have had the opportunity for history to come to life through those who have served!


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