“Brothers in Arms” The Bluford series

   Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez

(Bluford Series)

It’s been a while since I’ve commented on a Bluford series book. Brothers in Arms is a good one for students looking for their next quick read.

Martin has been hanging out with older gang member Frankie. One afternoon, his younger brother Huero, who idolizes Martin, tries hanging out too. After Martin tells Huero to get his bike and go home, Huero comes pedaling back to warn Martin that some guys are coming down the street with a gun.

Huero is shot and dies in Martin’s arms. Frankie vows to get revenge for Martin. Martin’s mother doesn’t want to lose another son and moves him to Bluford High, where most of the kids look at him like he’s a gangbanger. Except for Vicky.

Martin, whose life is complicated by his new enemies—guys who hate him for no reason, but who can cause him a lot of damage—must decide about the consequences of revenge and learn who his real friends are.

Fallen is the sequel to this book, so if you are going through the Bluford series, make sure to read Brothers in Arms first!


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I'm a high school librarian, formerly an English teacher. I love to read and my mission is to connect people with the right books. To that end, I read widely--from the hi-lo for reluctant high school readers to the literary adult novel for the bibliophile.
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1 Response to “Brothers in Arms” The Bluford series

  1. Deijja Dayy says:

    this is the best series ever!!! it is full of drama and lots of action on every page.Believe me when i say thts what a good book is made of!!!!!!

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