Bluford series: Five new titles are here!

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The popular Bluford series  is here! We’ve got all 15 titles now. And there are 5 copies of each one, so come on over and check them out!

If you want to know which of the Bluford books are sequels or what order you might want to read them in, click here for a list of all 15 books and see which ones are related to others.

Newest five in the Bluford series:

No Way Out by Peggy Kern

Bluford High freshman Harold Davis is trapped. Medical bills for his sick grandmother are piling up, and a social worker has threatened to put him in a foster home. Desperate for money, he reluctantly agrees to work for Londell James, a neighborhood drug dealer. Will Harold escape the violence that surrounds him?

The Test by Peggy Kern

Liselle Mason is in trouble. For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High. But when Liselle’s clothes stop fitting, and her brother notices her growing belly, she panics. A pregnancy test confirms her biggest fears. Unwilling to admit the truth, Liselle suddenly faces a world with no easy answers. Where will she turn? Who will she tell? What will she do?–From back cover.

Breaking Point by Karyn Langhorne Folan

Vicky Fallon can’t take it. Her father has lost his job. Her parents are constantly fighting, and her troubled little brother is out of control. Once an honor student, Vicky is quickly falling behind in her classes at Bluford High. Now her teachers, friends, and new boyfriend, Martin Luna, want answers. Pressured from all sides, Vicky knows something is about to snap. But the explosion that hits her home is worse than anything she could image.–Book back cover.

Pretty Ugly (sequel to Breaking Point)by Karyn Langhorne Folan

Jamee Wills never expected Vanessa Pierce and her friends to go this far. The trouble starts at cheerleading practice when Vanessa begins teasing Angel McAllister, a shy new girl at Bluford High. When the insults turn nasty, Jamee tries to stop them. She wins Angel’s friendship but makes many enemies. Now Jamee is a target, and someone is texting lies and pictures of her all over school. Unwilling to tell her family or snitch on her fellow cheerleaders, Jamee is cornered. Will her next move solve her problems–or make them worse?–From back cover.

Schooled by Paul Langan

There’s no backing down for Lionel Shepard. With a dream of joining the NBA, all he wants to do at Bluford High is play Basketball. But everyone’s trying to stop him. Bad grades, bad advice from family members and friends. Will he pursue his dream or get caught in a nightmare?


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  1. joe says:

    Head to Townsend Press’ Facebook page to discuss the book when you’re done reading it too!

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