“The Count of Monte Cristo” Student Reviews 2009

The following reviews by COHS students are on “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas.

Genre: Historical

Pages: 1312

Reviewer: Ron W.

The story begins when the main character Edmond Dantes and Fernand Mondego land on the island of Elba to get medical help for there captain. Dantes meets Napoleon Bonaparte and is given a letter which is to be given to a friend back at port, but the friend will find him to get the letter. Mondego who is jealous of Dantes and his fiancés Mercedes relationship turns him in to the police. After Dantes explains himself to the head prosecutor Gerard Villefort who decides to send Dantes the life imprisonment in the Château d’If. After befriending the priest the priest teaches Dantes to read and write. They start to dig a tunnel out of the prison but the priest is caught in a cave in and dies Dantes then escapes by pretending to be the priests dead body. After escaping he befriends a group of buccaneers and sails back the his home port. After he and another man by a boat they sail to Monte Cristo a small island and find the hidden treasure. When they return home Dantes starts calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo. While he is doing this he is slowly ruining all of the people who hurt hims lifes. Until all of them are in jail and Mondego is dead.

My opinion of the Count of Monte Cristo is that it was a very adventurous and suspenseful book. The storyline was odd but all together the long read was worth the effort. If I had to recommend a book it would be this one.

1. The author wrote this book I alive so that you can learn that you can’t trust all your friends even the close ones.

2. The theme is you can’t judge a book by its cover even if you have already read it.

3the author supports the thesis by using a lot of good quotes and a really suspenseful storyline.

4. The issue is Dantes going to jail for carrying a letter to a friend of napoleons and it is resolved when dantes pays every one back for their deeds.


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1 Response to “The Count of Monte Cristo” Student Reviews 2009

  1. Very nice review. It could be a bit longer but then again everything’s already been wrote about the book before so I guess it;s not necessary to repeat everything.

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