“Twilight” and “New Moon”

“Twilight” and “New Moon” by Stephanie Meyer

Here’s my confession: I hate the “Twilight” series. It has some of the worse writing I have ever read.

I’ve spent several evenings trying to get through the whole thing. I managed the first book, “Twilight.” I tried the second book, “New Moon,” but I could only stand about one-third of it. I wanted to like it–or at least get through all four books–because so many students like it, because I guess the whole world, except me, likes it.

But, seriously, what good is a vampire boyfriend? I’m thinking Edward is perfect for teen girls because he is dangerous, what with his ability to suck the life out of Bella, but he’s harmless, too, because he has to stay away from her and not make sexual advances since it’s too risky. So I guess if I were younger, I’d think of this as a sort of pure, magical love, too. But having been around boys (and later men) who suck the life out of people, I’ve learned that they just aren’t so much fun to hang out with as you might think they would be.

Bella, as a character, is even worse than Edward. Whine, whine, whine–oh, she does stop for frequent klutzy maneuvers that put everyone in danger. But it doesn’t take her long to get back to pouting. ‘Oh, poor me, it’s my 18th birthday and people want to celebrate it and give me flowers and plan a party–how thoughtless! Why can’t they just let me emo my way through the day? Waa, waa–why don’t I get to be an undead, icy vampire who has to suck fresh blood to exist?’

And the writing! Stephanie Meyer is the Queen of the Adverb. He ‘coldly’ this, he ‘coldly’ that. I can’t figure out what’s thrilling about Edward coldly kissing Bella. I know they have this pure love, but I’m guessing that at some point they’ll marry. With Edward being the undead ice king that he is, if this marriage should include any intimacy, I hope there’s someone nearby with an ice pick and a super hot hair dryer.

So–I want to be enlightened. And I have three prizes to offer to any COHS students who can make a good go of it. Make a comment–tell me why you love this book. I’ll pick the three best answers (totally arbitrary–my opinion) and give these prizes:

Third: A biography (book) of the actor who plays Edward

Second: A “Twilight” poster

First: A book about the making of the “Twilight” movie–lots of color photos and star interviews.


About Victoria Waddle

I'm a high school librarian, formerly an English teacher. I love to read and my mission is to connect people with the right books. To that end, I read widely--from the hi-lo for reluctant high school readers to the literary adult novel for the bibliophile.
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8 Responses to “Twilight” and “New Moon”

  1. Ms. Waddle says:

    OK, here are the winners–as I said, this is just my opinion and pretty arbitrary at that.
    But I liked Anthony and Lisa’s comments, too–so if you two are COHS students, come by my office for a free new paperback.

    Thanks for your help–I think I get it a little better now–though I still don’t think I can manage to continue reading!

  2. Reema Atoura says:

    My outlook on Twilight!

    I couldn’t believe the phenomenon, why everyone liked the Twilight series, it was about a forbidden love, drama and high school (a “perfect” story), really when I first heard about Twilight I was turned off, but my friend convinced me into reading them. Once I stared to read it, I couldn’t put it down. I felt a connection between Bella and Me it was my perfect get-away, my home-away-from-home. There were so many unrealistic things in the book that made me want her life, her perfect boyfriend-that was to awesome to ever exist, her awesome father-that cared so much for her even when she ran away, and the trill of high school not only being about rules and growing up, it was about learning about yourself and feeling feelings that you once thought were impossible.

    Bella in the series is a big-city girl who chooses to move in with her father after her mother re-marries. It was choice she made, not one that was thrust upon her. When she goes there she imagines it to be just how it was in Phoenix, she was a no-one, who never dated, and rarely went out, but on her first day at Forks High everything changed. She had made so many friends in the first day and everyone knew her even before she got there. But also on her first day she saw the Cullens, she got a weird vibe from one of the handsomest one Edward. He sat next to her in her biology class, when she first walked into that class Edward had an unexplainable expression on his face, and Bella was freaked out by this but for some strange reason she was attracted to him even though she got a strange vibe. Bella goes with her instinct and follows her heart despite all the warnings from her father, Billy, her friend-Jacob, and her friends from Forks. After awhile Bella puts it together, why the Cullens don’t interact, don’t eat at lunch, why there eyes change colors, and why there gone on the sunniest days of the week, they’re vampires. (Yes, we know that that is one of the oldest myths alive but that’s what makes it interesting. We got to see Stephanie’s spin on her take of vampires in the modern world.) After Bella figures out that the Cullens are vampires, she learns all
    of their secrets well…most of them. She learns that the Cullens are more modern vampires and that they don’t kill humans to eat, that they are what they call themselves “vegetarians” because they survive off the blood of animals and not humans, she also learns how each Cullen was “created”, that Edward is 108, that Bella’s scent to him is irresistible, and that some vampires have special abilities. Edward can read minds, except for Bella of course, also setting up the dilemma of “star-crossed lovers” with Edward attracted to her by her scent. Well, Edward and Bella hit it off and fall madly in love except for the whole “Edward wants to eat her”. That right there makes the series have a twist because it total and complete opposites together, what makes it interesting because you have the suspense the whole time if Edward has enough control over his hunger to not attack Bella or if his love for her is enough to control his thirst. This love story overall makes you feel like if you looked hard enough, even in the most awkward of places, you can find true love, your sole mate.

    I agree that Bella’s character was a little whiny when it came to parties and proms but that’s just the way her character was portrayed. Her character was a girl who liked small gathering not big, extravagant, lavish parties. She was never the one for extravagant parties, cars, clothes, or any material items. She was more of a sentimental girl, if it had a sentimental meaning she loved it more than an expensive gift. That’s what made her more connect to me, I would much rather a hand-made gift then a gift that you bought at the mall because making a gift tells me that you love me enough to spend you time creating a work of art rather then getting in a car and driving to the mall and buying me something that you put an ounce of thought into.

    As for Stephanie’s writing, I loved the way she wrote. She wrote in a way that allowed me to picture the people, the settings, when and how they moved, and there facial and body emotions. She did use adverbs a lot but that was what I liked about it helped me make a movie in my head and let me picture the book and understand it better.

    The reason why so many people like this “Romeo and Juliet” themed book is because people just love things that they can’t have. Also because forbidden love is a mystical thing that sometimes only works out in books.

    If you ask me personally I don’t believe in sole mates and happy ending, that’s what make the Twilight series awesome it (for one second) makes me believe, even though its only for a minute it makes me want to find someone like Edward (or close to him). I think that’s one reason why everyone likes it; it puts that imaginary light (which maybe dim, but its there) hope for true love.

    Thank you for reading this I hope to hear you response soon. (Sorry it is late I heard about this only today!)

  3. anthony says:

    Okay i did not get to finish beacuse i had to go to my next class. I learned why girls love the books so much because they compare to Bella. Bella is not the prettiest girl in the world and every girl has that moment in their life but when a handsome boy is attracted to you they feel like they have become this beauty that was hiiden from the world. In the second book Bella starts to become independent when Edward leaves her. In life, it is the same when the child leaves thier parents to enter the real world. The books have at least one thing that a person can relate to in life whether the story is make belive. You just need to find it.

  4. anthony says:

    Okay a lot of people like the books and some hate it as well. My opinion as a guy , is that it was hard to understand due to the set from a woman’s point of view . However, there are times in the story where it is universal towards all. Having someone risk their life for another person is heroic. That is something everyone has in common.

  5. Ashley says:

    Although i agree that Stephenie Meyer’s writing is not the greatest, people are more focused on the story. For many teenage girls love stories are everything, and forbidden love, even better. In our minds, having one of the most handsome people in the world fall in love with a girl like Bella is crazy. We could only dream of having guys today treat us like that. For me I read the books because of the meaning it showed with caring about someone. Edward always had to be careful with Bella. She was so fragile and he could easily injure her wihout intent. Guys today don’t treat girls like that, or at least it is very rare. They don’t have the persona of Edward, and I believe that is why teens love the books so much, because stuff like that does not exist in the real world. Like many people say, books are an escape, a place where your imagination is endless. The Twilight series is a place where you can let your mind wonder, imagine the struggles that Edward goes through, the frustrations Bella goes through with wanting to be with him as a vampire and not a human. I enjoyed the books very much but do agree that everyone thinks differently and everyone looks at it from a different point of view

  6. Monica says:

    Although Twighlight may not have been written to some people’s liking, I enjoyed every bit of it. It realtes to teenage love more than older people and what they call love. As teenage girls we love bad boys and boys who keep us guessing, but there is also that sweetness to Edward, he treats Bella like a princess and every girl dreams of a boy who will do that. Watching her while sleeping.. Stalker? I think not, he likes to watch her sleep because she is in that vulnerable state where she can’t do anything, and he has the desire to kill her, but his love for her overwhelms his dsire to kill her. He may be cold all the time but the love in him warms Her up completely. Twighlight is one of the most romantic love stories ever written, and though it may not be up there with Nicholas Sparks, its in a series all its own. So get past all you’re negative thoughts, and just read the book!

  7. Lisa says:

    ok, i’ll admit it, the writing is lacking. stephenie is not a GREAT writer by any stretch of the imiagination. but, let’s look at the story from another point of view. it’s a young adult book. the sex can’t be just that, sex. gotta keep it clean. edward had to fight his desire to kill bella and instead fell in love with her. he watched her sleep not because he is a stalker but because he can’t understand how he feels about her, do i kill her? do i not? also, once he realizes he loves her he is terrified because she is human and clumsy and there are too many things that can happen to her to take her from him. he is torn by his desire to love her and to keep her human. of course the character of bella could have been way better but she loves someone who is only “17” and she is afraid to age. so, there’s my take.

  8. Miss Mia says:

    I must concur with Miss Victoria.

    I personally love vampires and the whole dangerous aspect of it but come on…

    He watches her sleep??? Stalker – much?

    As for Bella, I enjoy angst as much as the next person but you are young and beautiful and a gorgeous vampire and werewolf are in love with you.

    Why are you depressed again?

    Just an opinion and very strong one at that!

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